Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54 - I Can't Wait To Go In...

Though I don't think it is to get in the pool.
I think she wants to chase the birds!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 - A Presidents Day

With hubby home most of the day, we or shall I say he, got this done.

While Bella got the routine of biscuits down pat.

It's not easy getting Tucker (the Little Man) to cooperate but
at least he is in the picture.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44 - Work Resumes

Pardon the dusty photo, but that is what happens when the is dust from sanding. Today Hubby began sanding and preparing the columns for staining. Next will be the baseboards.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43 - Doggy Treats

Having to use my old camera
since the cord to my other one needs replaced,
These aren't the best picturea.

I couldn't help but get a picture of the dogs
getting their morning treats.

Bella learns new things every day.

She has even mastered the doggy door!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42 - Busy Puppy

While I was at bible study tonight,
hubby was home with her (ok, he thought he was watching her).
When I got home and found said cord, he exclaimed
"When did she do that? She was laying next to me most of the evening!"
While she way laying next to him, he did not notice she was busy teething on this!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41 - Rain, Lightening and Thunder!

Last night we we woken up by one heck of a lightening storm.
At times it sounded like it was stricking in our yard.
It was so bright and loud!
This morning we woke to more puddles.
I didn't go right out and capture their fullness
and this is what it looked like 5 hours later.
And it looks like there will be more today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40 - No More Dancing? and a Lost Puppy! All in one Day!

It was our usual 'Grand' Day.

Picked up the 'Grands' from school and headed to the dance studio for Ellie Bellie's  lessons.

It would be the first day I had to leave Bella home, in her play pen (cage) for 2 hours.

I had taken my camera in hopes of getting a few pics of her dancing but upon getting out of the car, she states that she doesn't want to dance anymore. (insert a 'sigh')


"Are you sure?"


"Well lets finish this session out, and after the recital, if you don't want to dance anymore, it's ok."


Since she was draggin her feet, not really putting anything into her exercises, it was not a good picture opportunity. She did perk up when the tap shoes went on, and then I wished I had brought the camera in.

It wasn't going to be the only lost snaps of the day.

When we got home, of our 'Grand' Bug can't get out of the car fast enough to run into the house to see Bella. As luck would have it, she was still in her pen, but had pooped everywhere! Phew! The smell! No way was I getting out the carpet cleaner for this. I picked up all the toys and blanky and put them in the wash. I rolled up the area rug her pen sets on and took it outside to hose off. Thank God my SIL arrived just in time to help me throw it over the pool fencing to dry.

Now of course that was nothing worth snapping a picture of. However, she needed another bath! So with 'Grands' help we got the job done. My daughter did take a few pictures with her camera.

Ellie Bellie wanted a snack!

By now, Bella was full of energy, so out side we went once she was dried off. She always has so much fun with the 'Grands'. Today they taught her to run with them and the three of them did many, many laps around the yard, none of which either of us took a picture of. Silly us!

Shortly before or after 6 they left. I sat out back for a few minutes with her watching the Bachelor. I left her outside when I came in. I heard her whimper a few times but she needed to learn the no potty in the house, so I ignored her. About 6:30, after hubby called he was coming home I went out to see what she was up to. When she wasn't right there to greet me, I bagan looking for her. I mean I looked everywhere. About 15 minutes later hubby arrived and I told him I couldn't find her. He got a bit aggitated at me for leaving her outside. I assured him there was no way she can get out. He begins to express how the kids that live in the trailer park behind us like climbing the fence and could have easily hopped over and took her. Again I assured him had they gotten into my yard the Big Dogs would have notified me with barking. By now it is getting dark. We both go in the house for flash lights to continue our search. Calling her name, whistling, kissing sounds for her to come too. Nothing! It has been 45 minutes now and no sign of her. I am now looking in the weirdest places, under the deck, behind the turtle pen, even the bottom of the pool, where she has not explored EVER, since the gate has been locked since her arrival. I kept telling the hubby she was here somewhere, probably sound asleep after the playing with the 'Grands', she is wore out. I don't know why he went into the house. By now our SIL came back to help us look for her. Not 5 minutes later hubby yells "I found her!" We , SIL and I, come into the house asking where she was. "Right here on the couch sleeping!" "No WAY!" "She was not there when I began looking for her!" When did she sneak back into the house? Probably while I was out walking the peremiter of the yard, looking for any hole she might have gottten out of. I must have left the door open. I had not been back in the house since looking for her but hubby had. I asked, "Didn't you see her there when you went in for the flash light" The one he went after was on his night stand and to get to our room you must walk past the couch. The one I used was in the pantry and never walked by the couch. He said, "I didn't look at the couch when I walked past!" She must have been there the whole time. SO tired she didn't even care that we were frazzled with worry for her. Those 'Grands' really wore her out. She slept all night, waking about 3:30 to go potty and right back to sleep.

With all that rest she is full of piss and vinagear today!